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Your First Visit

The CHECK-IN process is required to gather your past medical information and insurance paperwork. Thank you for filling out the medical forms, as they really are very helpful. They must be re-verified yearly.

Co-pays are collected at this point. If you are in the Hill Physician Medical Group HMO and do not have your referral with you, we can help you get it, but it may delay your visit. If the front office is very busy, you may be asked to check in, and they will call you up in turn.

If you are a new patient and have had some imaging taken previously of the area you are asking Dr. Roth to evaluate (X-Rays, MRI, CT Scan, etc.) please bring the actual images (on CD or hard copy) as well as the radiologist’s written report with you to your visit. If you do not have any imaging with you, or need follow-up x-rays, Dr. Roth may ask his staff to take you first to X-RAY, then to your room.

After the office visit, please schedule your next visit at the Dr. Roth Checkout desk. If you are not able to schedule at this time, please call the next day to schedule with our dedicated Call Center at .

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS: If you are given a prescription medication, please monitor how many pills you have left. If you need a refill please keep in mind that the doctor on call cannot help you at night or on the weekend, since he or she does not have access to your records at home. Plan ahead! Have your pharmacy FAX us a refill request at least 5 business days ahead of the desired fill date to provide sufficient time for us to process the request and return it to your pharmacy. If time is running out, and your pharmacy has not received our reply, call Sabrina during the office hours.

Post-operative medications: At your pre-operative appointment, you should receive a prescription for medication to assist your pain management. Please take this prescription to your pharmacy to be filled prior to your surgery. This will prevent the hassle of having to get them filled the day of the surgery. If you do not receive this medication within 1 week of your surgery please call Sabrina 510-267-4013 so she can help make arrangements for you to pick them up and have them filled before your surgery.

MRIs, CT scans, all other outside referrals and some labs may take up to 5 business days to approve for HMOs. PPOs may take up to 3 business days. Workers Compensation may take much longer. Sabrina will let you know when they are approved so that you can then schedule the test or procedure. As soon as you get your appointment, call our office at to schedule a follow up visit to review the results. For MRI/CT, please bring with you to your follow-up appointment the films or CD and the radiologist’s written report.

Disability, DMV placards and all additional forms: Please submit your request for form completion as early as possible. These forms take time to complete and the standard turnaround time is approximately 3 business days but in some cases, may take longer. There is a flat fee of $15 for all forms.

On-Line State Disability forms: We can complete your state disability forms online if you supply us with the necessary information. The flat fee and turnaround time still applies for the on-line form completion.

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